Wooden O 2018

Jennifer will be playing Oswald in this summer's Wooden O production of William Shakespeare's classic King Lear. 


Directed by Seattle Shakespeare Company Artistic Director George Mount, King Lear plays in parks throughout the Puget Sound region from July 12 - August 12. Tickets are free to the public.

About King Lear: An aging monarch’s last act could destroy his kingdom. After ruling for many years, Lear decides to divide his lands and wealth between his daughters.  Overestimating their love and loyalty, Lear finds everything that defined him as a king ripped from his hands. Only after wandering purposeless and tossed about in a storm of pain and madness, the once mighty ruler begins to discover his own humanity.

Wooden O is in it's 25th season! For more information about the show, please visit Seattle Shakespeare Company's website.


The Fern Shakespeare Company

Jennifer is pleased to announce she has been invited to join the 2017 Acting Company of The Fern Shakespeare Company. 

As a member of The Fern, she will be performing with the rest of the company in the upcoming production of Macbeth opening in Seattle, WA in May 2017. Stay tuned for more show details!  

A bit about The Fern from their website:  

The mission of The Fern Shakespeare Company is to promote cultural diversity and to strengthen and serve our community through performance and education.
Using original practice and direct address techniques as our guide, Fern Shakespeare Company (FSC) “breaks down the walls” that stand between the audience and the words of William Shakespeare.  
FSC produces work that connects audience to actor, actor to text, and community to art. We extend this vision to all that we do; serving our community and changing lives through the beauty of Shakespeare.
The Fern Theatre Company was founded in Atlanta, GA by two actors; Jessica Hunt and Douglas Graham.  We began producing modern and new plays, and in 2012 produced our very first Shakespeare play. The Fern produced an all female production of Macbeth. This led to the development of our Classically female series. Since 2012 we have produced three more all female Shakespeare plays; Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and King Lear. In the summer of 2016 the decision was made to move the company to Seattle, WA and turn our focus specifically towards producing Shakespeare. Thus, The Fern Shakespeare Company was born!

Island Shakespeare Festival 2016

Thank you to all who made the 2016 season at Island Shakespeare Festival a success! The summer is over, and we had an amazing three months working and playing together.  

A SOLD OUT performance of  Jane Eyre . Photo courtesy Rose Woods.

A SOLD OUT performance of Jane Eyre. Photo courtesy Rose Woods.

The audiences seemed to have a great time, too: 

"I was treated to one of the best acted & well produced plays I have ever been privileged to watch. I was simply transported..."
"We just returned from a spectacular evening of Jane Eyre. I cannot even put into words how incredible it was. The cast was world class, better than most I have seen on Broadway. I could not have imagined that a such magnificent performance could be experienced on our little island."
"Magnificent performances in As You Like It on August 5. Lovely setting, too. Would definitely see more plays if I'd been on the island for longer."
"Amazing job. I took my bros to see 'Julius Caesar' tonight and we all enjoyed it so much. Great performance."

Julius Caesar
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Corey D. McDaniel

Production photos courtesy of Michael Stadler.

As You Like It
Writted by William Shakespeare
Directed by Susannah Rose Woods

Jane Eyre
Based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë
Adapted and Directed by Julie Beckman

As You Like It


Thanks to everyone who came out to the show! 

"Rosalind" in As You Like It

By William Shakespeare

November 6-21, 2015 produced by Ghost Light Theatricals at the Ballard Underground in Seattle, WA

Directed by Emily Harvey

Love, sex and philosophy haunt the forest of Arden where best friends Rosalind and Celia have been banished. After Rosalind meets Orlando in the forest, however, she is caught between a feeling of skepticism and crazy stupid love. As You Like It subverts the traditional rules of romance. Gender roles, nature and politics are confused in a play that reflects on how bewildering yet utterly pleasurable life can be. You will see how, as Jaques puts it, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
“Rosalind is Shakespeare’s most compelling female character,” says director Emily Harvey, “She’s funny, she’s complicated, she’s not quick to jump into a relationship. We also get to see a wonderful female relationship between her and her best friend, Celia. They keep each other grounded, they laugh at each other, they help each other.”

Along with the feminism and the sexy modern romance, As You Like It will feature five songs, expertly played by a live band. These timeless covers, everything from Stevie Wonder to Magnetic Fields to Missy Elliot, will come from the Americana inspired band, played by actors Daniel, Charlie, Heidi and Gabriela with music direction by Tom Wiebe.

Featuring the talents of Jennifer Ewing, Jenifer Ross, Sarah Beason, David Klein, Patrick Daniel Safarti, Patrick Hurlburt, Matthew Gilbert, Rebecca O’Neil, Annie St. John, Charlie Schuster, Gabriela Aleman, Heidi Cheyenne, Rachel Burrington, Ben Symons and Beth Pollack.


Director: Emily Harvey

Asst Director: Danny Herter

Stage Manager: Erin Dorn

Production Manager: Abigail Pishaw

Set Designer: Brandon Estrella

Light Designer: Angelo Domitri

Music Director: Tom Wiebe

Sound Designer: Rob Raas-Bergquist


The Two Noble Kinsmen

Thanks to all who came out this summer to see TNK! We had a successful run bringing free Shakespeare to the masses in beautiful Seattle. 

"When a theater troop is focused on working with Shakespeare’s entire canon, it inevitably must dust off such oddities as the little known The Two Noble Kinsmen. Scholars credit the writing of this piece to the team of John Fletcher and Shakespeare and file the work under tragicomedy. The play, based on Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale, involves two Theban cousins (J. Samuel Cowan, Adam St. John) falling in love with the same Athenian woman (Jennifer Ewing). It is a positive commentary on Seattle and the GreenStage Shakespeare in the Park program that the presentation drew such a good crowd on a sun baked afternoon in Volunteer Park. All were rewarded with a solid, entertaining production..." Alan Sydney, Drama in the Hood