Wooden O 2018

Jennifer will be playing Oswald in this summer's Wooden O production of William Shakespeare's classic King Lear. 


Directed by Seattle Shakespeare Company Artistic Director George Mount, King Lear plays in parks throughout the Puget Sound region from July 12 - August 12. Tickets are free to the public.

About King Lear: An aging monarch’s last act could destroy his kingdom. After ruling for many years, Lear decides to divide his lands and wealth between his daughters.  Overestimating their love and loyalty, Lear finds everything that defined him as a king ripped from his hands. Only after wandering purposeless and tossed about in a storm of pain and madness, the once mighty ruler begins to discover his own humanity.

Wooden O is in it's 25th season! For more information about the show, please visit Seattle Shakespeare Company's website.