photo courtesy of Danielle Barnum


Classically trained in theatre at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City (graduate: 2009), Jennifer has blended her passion for history, literature and anthropology with storytelling into a specialization in classical and period works. An avid traveler, she has also trained and performed in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, and Pacific Northwest. 

Like her family, Jennifer explores many aspects of Art. Her heritage is comprised of singers, ceramicists, painters, writers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and she has followed in their proverbial footsteps. Jennifer is a fine artist and scenic artist, and also dabbles in music. Selections of her art work can be found in the "Art" section of this website. Her work has appeared on New York and Northwest stages alike, from being former Art Director of The Queens Players, to featured artist of TPS Gregory Award Winning Sound Theatre Company in their production of Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink. 

Jennifer has also contributed to Ms. In The Biz, a "premium online destination for women in entertainment who are looking for a positive community that shares resources, imparts wisdom and fosters success." 

Jennifer is currently based in Seattle, Washington.

"Stoic and elegant, like Virginia Woolfe without the crippling depression, but with all the intuitiveness." - screenwriter Jade Bartlett