The Two Noble Kinsmen

Thanks to all who came out this summer to see TNK! We had a successful run bringing free Shakespeare to the masses in beautiful Seattle. 

"When a theater troop is focused on working with Shakespeare’s entire canon, it inevitably must dust off such oddities as the little known The Two Noble Kinsmen. Scholars credit the writing of this piece to the team of John Fletcher and Shakespeare and file the work under tragicomedy. The play, based on Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale, involves two Theban cousins (J. Samuel Cowan, Adam St. John) falling in love with the same Athenian woman (Jennifer Ewing). It is a positive commentary on Seattle and the GreenStage Shakespeare in the Park program that the presentation drew such a good crowd on a sun baked afternoon in Volunteer Park. All were rewarded with a solid, entertaining production..." Alan Sydney, Drama in the Hood