Kitsap Sun 2012 Best of Theatre Awards

Feb 8, 2013

Jennifer was thrilled to be awarded special mention for her performance of Viola in Twelfth Night in the Best Actress (Non-Musical) category of the Kitsap Sun’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards for the 2012 season! Twelfth Night also received a nod in the Best Show (Non-Musical) category. 

Many thanks and congratulations to Key City Public Theatre, and the wonderful cast and creative team behind Twelfth Night!

"Ewing...[is] equally at home with not only punch lines, but with the characters' elements of pathos, as well, and [is] just as good when reacting to the lines of others as [she is] when delivering [her] own. The way [Viola and Olivia] let their uneasy acquaintance foment is particularly well-played. 

"It's a laugh a minute, minimum, for two hours; a treat for the eyes, the ears, the intellect and the funny bone, all in a picnic scenario."  – Michael C. Moore, Kitsap Sun

The full article can be read on the Kitsap Sun’s website.