Dramaturg for Book-It Repertory's Jane Eyre


Jennifer also worked as the Dramaturg for Book-It Repertory’s adaptation of the Victorian classic, Jane Eyre this summer. Jane kicked off the 2018/2019 Season, adapted and directed by Julie Beckman.

What is a Dramaturg?

Dramaturgy is defined as the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation, and a dramaturg or -turge is a specialist. In other terms, a Dramaturg works as an historian and compiles contextual information about the source material (in this case, the novel Jane Eyre) and its author, the time period, locations, and other relevant information to provide historical context and accuracy to the director and actors to deepen the understanding and richness of the world of the play.

In addition to compiling research packets for the actors and creative team, Jennifer wrote essays published in the show program, and created interactive content for the theatre lobby display.

Read a snippet of Jennifer’s work shared on Book-It’s Blog here:


Lobby content includes a timeline of Charlotte Brontë’s life, early stage productions of Jane Eyre dating back to the mid 19th century, information on Brontë’s decision to publish under her male pseudonym, Currer Bell, a matching game with other famous female writers and their pseudonyms, and information on the real-life inspirations for the locations in the novel, all written and compiled by Jennifer Ewing.

Photo: Jennifer Ewing