Electric Man, the movie

Exciting news for Electric Man – 

Charlie Adlard, artist of the comic series The Walking Dead, caught up with the EM team recently and this is what he had to say. “I really enjoyed Electric Man and the makers should be applauded for creating something so good out of so little. It’s a great combination of slice-of-life comedy/drama with the strange world of comics fandom… watch it!”

Electric Man is currently available on DVD, Hulu+, iTunes and other digital platforms. For more, visit the film's website.

Electric Man was produced in Edinburgh on a paltry, shoestring budget of approximately £55,000, but it’s a film which deserves acclaim not because it’s indie, nor because of the fact that it’s Scotland’s first comedy superhero film, but rather because it is simply lots of fun to watch. This is a film which packs lots of love and affection into its run time and which is a sweet love letter to both the superhero genre and comic book subculture. Geeks, freaks, villains and beautiful people – there’s something here for pretty much everyone.

"Media Muppet’s editor, Billy, has requested (demanded) that I point out just how beautifully stunning and geekily sexy actress Jennifer Ewing is in her portrayal of the sultry Lauren." 

- Cara Jenkins, Media Muppet Online