Gallery Show at Salon Amfora

Jennifer is the featured artist for the spring quarter at Salon Amfora in Seattle, WA. Her work is on display March 3 through early June 2019. Inquiries about pricing can be made either to Salon Amfora by phone, (206) 743-8498, or in person at 1318 North 45th Street in Seattle, Washington or through Jennifer’s Contact page.

Artist’s Statement:

Every landscape I create is a journey. It is a technical journey: from blank paper to a completed work and all that goes in between. It is a journey in skill: with every drawing I learn to look deeper, be braver. It is also the journey within the image: exploring the world opens my mind, engages my imagination, and excites my desire to create. Art is my way to express that journey and share the world that I see and feel. In this collection are my journeys to the Llangollen Canal in Wales, the highlands of Scotland, the waters of Puget Sound and Salish Sea, gardens of Langley, London, and Wrexham.

Thank you for journeying here today. 

Scenic Art at ArtsWest

Jennifer recently completed a scenic painting project for ArtsWest’s production of Jane Eyre: The Musical. Jennifer was the lead painter of the landscape mural backdrop and also assisted with the texturing of the grass, sand pathway, deck, and rock-facing.

Photos courtesy of John McLellan and Siri Nelson. Set Design by Lex Marcos.