The Hours of Life

Reviews are in for The Hours of Life 

I expected to be moved, but I wasn't expecting to be dazzled, and I was both. Theatre22's world premiere of their new musical, The Hours of Life, is a triumph of talented people making smart decisions that inform the play from every angle, from set to staging, script, cast, singing and score. I was hooked from the opening moments when the chorus streamed onstage from all corners for their opening number, singing 'The Machinery of Man,' looking and sounding like a Broadway production.  – Doug Hamilton, Seattle Gay News
[T]he cast was well-balanced and quite effective. They all had excellent focus and a convincing impression of the period and of the world in which Poe lived...
...[A] young woman named Anna Power, very attractively played by Jennifer Ewing...
...[A] wonderful evening of musical theater and exceptionally well-produced, convincingly acted and both intellectually and emotionally stimulating.  – Jerry Kraft,
 I had the pleasure of seeing this original new musical by Paul Lewis on its opening night and was stunned into submission by a wealth of talent from the cast and crew on this Theatre22 production...I strongly recommend catching this wonderful musical. – Geoff Finney, Copious Love Suggests: The Hours of Love

Thank you to all who made this production a success!  

The Hours of Life closed December 14, 2014 after playing a full run of 12 performances at the Cornish Studio Theatre in Seattle Center.